Mould problems? We’re experts.

The presence of mould can generate a host of problems both for the premises, along with anybody who resides or comes into contact with it.

Mould spores in the air have the ability to cause a number of adverse health problems including: 

  • Respiratory issues 
  • Asthmatic reactions
  • Eye and throat irritation
  • Fatigue and more. 

For the structure, the presence of mould points to a water damage issue, which over time can severely compromise the structural integrity of the building. It can also cause an unpleasant odour and affect the quality of the air.

A picture of a mouldy internal wall which could be assessed by Envirofree.
Internal mould growth on a window frame which could be assessed by Envirofree.
Mould growth on an external wall which could be assessed by Envirofree.

If you’re concerned about mould affecting your premises, Envirofree can provide mould inspection and subsequent mould testing for Melbourne residential homes, all the way up to commercial businesses.

Envirofree can provide a comprehensive mould inspection at your property. This process will involve:

  • Sampling the air and surfaces
  • Determining the presence of hidden mould or moisture through testing
  • Documenting the level of identified mould or moisture
  • Providing qualified recommendations for remedying any existing moisture / mould problems
  • Protection against the re-emergence of mould
  • Post-remediation verification of the control and removal of mould

Some mould contamination may be present in inaccessible areas such as wall cavities or the ceiling. If you think you have mould in your home that is not visible, or you cannot find the source of the problem, you should contact Envirofree so that mould can be identified, and an appropriate course of action formulated.

Mould reports provide the valuable information required for you to make an informed decision as to the Environmental condition of the premises and what action is or isn’t necessary.