Do you need mould testing for your home?

Mould grows in buildings with high levels of humidity and moisture. It can grow in many different spots, from tiles to walls and ceilings. Mould is especially common in places with poor ventilation and leaks in pipes or windows.

Mould can cause several health issues, including:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Triggered asthma
  • Coughing and sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Skin irriation
  • Fatigue

Mould can affect the air quality of a space, causing an unpleasant odour to emerge on the property. Increasing airflow around the space and using filtration devices can help reduce the musty smell.  

The appearance of mould in a building also suggests water damage. Over time, water damage compromises the structural integrity of a building. If there is extensive damage or wood rot due to water damage, replacement of structures (such as doors and windows) is necessary to ensure the building’s safety.

Mould inspections

Mould inspections provide the rich information you need to make sense of mould issues in your building.

A comprehensive mould inspection at your property involves:

  • Sampling the air and surfaces
  • Hidden mould testing
  • Moisture testing
  • Recommending solutions for existing moisture or mould problems
  • Protecting the building from the re-emergence of mould
  • Post-remediation verification of the control and removal of mould

These services provide many sources of information about a mould problem. For instance, moisture testing on a building shows how vulnerable an space is to mould, whereas air sampling can detect the air quality of your home. A mould inspection can also shed light on issues in your building that were previously undetectable. For example, Mould may be in more inaccessible areas of your building, such as wall cavities or ceilings.

To sum up, mould testing paints a clear picture of mould issues in your home. An inspection carried out by professionals can also provide the helpful solutions you need.

Mould problems? We’re experts.

If you think you have mould in your home, ask for the help of environmental consulting experts. Envirofree provides mould inspections and follow-up mould testing for properties in the Melbourne area.

Curious about your home? We also offer other environmental impact services, such as asbestos testing.